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Fazil Kebab, a unique takeaway where you can order succulent kebabs, juicy burgers, calzones, ultra-delicious pizzas, pooris, kormas, curries and many other tasty dishes.
Are you looking for a great Doner kebab? We have some of the tastiest kebabs in the area and are sure to have you coming back for more.
Our meals are available for both collection and delivery and by placing your order online, you can enjoy an exclusive 10% off.
If you ask any local near High St, “where is the best kebab house near me?”, you are absolutely sure to hear our name, “Fazil King Takeaway”.
Our priority is hygiene, and our staff are applying strict hygiene protocols, in all steps of preparing, packaging, and delivering your order, giving you peace of mind.
If you’re not happy with your order or simply have a question about ordering and need to get in touch, then call us on 0141 848 1414.